Life Lesson Learned

I saw someone yesterday… 

Someone that reminded me quite clearly that placing any human on a pedestal is an excellent recipe for disappointment.  I expected so much of them, and gave freely of myself at times in my life when I was the most vulnerable, and at moments had the most to lose.  I was normally the one to run away because life how could someone possibly love me through the madness…  This last time however, I came back wounded irrevocably and needed a steady hand, and yet again they offered this… Claiming things were not peaches and cream for them either, and there was a possibility for what I left behind just a few short months ago… So I gave… and waited…. and waited….  And eventually saw it for what it really was..  Nothing, yet another stupid mistake, another hurt, another disappointment… I cried, and moved on.

This lesson has made me more reserved, thankful, and contemplative when it comes to relationships, and my personal well being.  It taught me to have more respect for myself, and those who really do love me.

They asked why was I still so bitter?

I answered, I was hurting and didn’t even realize it.

My last hope of humanity in a human had slowly eeked away, to the realization that a human being is capable of anything good or bad.  Good people are subject to do bad things when it is convenient and claim good intentions because they are a “Good Person”…

Enough of the doldrums…

God sends lessons in all shapes and sizes, and Lord Thank you for this one.  Truly no one compares to God…Image NO ONE…


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