Six things I gained from a daily yoga practice

This wordpress article has inspired me today to make a commitment to my health, and my spiritual well-being by instituting a daily practice of yoga…

It is my preferred exercise as opposed to the other group exercise classes I participate in at the local Y, and always has made me feel as if the world just rolls right off my shoulders.  I just realized that I have spent this morning spastic and complaining, and have not shared one inch of gratitude.  
I need a break… I need something just for me…  Something I can enjoy and mentally be at peace..

Thanks 20something and beyond, you are wise beyond your years…


When I first met yoga it was through a teacher at a local bar. It was in the middle of a tumultuous time of my 20something experience, though, who am I kidding, there are many more of those to come. We engaged in the typical “what do you do for work?” conversation and when he said he taught yoga I damn near scoffed. “You do what?!” He told me that I should try it (scoff again) and we left it at that. It’s safe to say that the only yoga I was interested in trying was lifting a glass of beer and putting it back down again. He was persistent, though. Every week he’d remind me that he was going to DJ a class on New Year’s Eve and that it’d be right up my alley; black lights, glow-in-the-dark body paint, and awesome music. How did he know?! After waffling…

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