Guest List

Sooo…. I’m at the endless task of the wedding guest list. You can say that everything hinges on this all important decision process.  Lately it has become difficult due to my fiance’s large family size, and that etiquette thing of  “she invited me to hers and now I have to invite them to mine” is starting to create a growth issue in this all important list.  Currently I am using Weddingwire’s gust list to input and print report my numbers as well as addresses for the people currently on the to invite list….

Anyway wish me luck!!!


Below is a possible invitation that I am thinking printing from The Wedding Chicks free printable website


Cute huh!!
Wedding Invite in Tiffany Blue and Light Mocha



Wedding Takeover

I am officially obsessed with planning my wedding and money saving/home organization.  Nearly everything I read and/or do is from one of the two current obsessions.  This is my second marriage, but really the first that I am so completely excited about…

The colors: Malibu and Chocolate AKA Tiffany Blue and Brown


I loved this cake at first sight


I love this wedding cake!!


This cake is just one of the inspirations that I dug up from a blog spot photo.  Anyway I am going to take you guys on this journey with me because it has really become a massive undertaking.

That’s it for now, Ciao’!!